Swindon, Then, When & Now

In 2019, Artsite were working to improve the aesthetics of the buildings in Theatre Square. We had received funding from the Parish Council and commissioned Billy Beaumont to design and install a mural for the side wall at Number Nine.

We asked for suggestions of people, places and business that you might like to see included into the fabric of the design, which represent the past, present and future of Swindon’s identity. After the survey was complete Billy incorporated all the suggested characters and buildings from the survey.

In July the mural was complete and in place, thanks to a great turn out from the residents of Swindon who helped to paint the mural we ended up with a very colourful rendition of Swindon, Then, When & Now indeed.


mural plan.jpg

The proposed design for the town centre mural. To include extra characters of Swindon and businesses.

Just a few piccies of the many helpers from all around Swindon that came along.


The completed Mural, varnished and ready to hang. With help from local artists we built a billboard frame for the designated wall and put the mural sections in place. It was a pleasure working on the mural in situ as local passers by gave positive feedback.  


We decided to frame the mural too for added protection from the elements.

Next was the launch, a lovely turn out and Ken White, Swindon artist, came along to cut the ribbon adding a perfect touch to the completion. 


Shortly after completion, one of my little helpers came along and identified the red car she had painted, so cute. 


A huge thank you to everyone that came along to help, you have all done a marvellous job and please feel free to contact me if you haven't received your mural greeting cards as a thank you for all your hard but fun work.