Old Classics

Here you will find my hand painted pieces all based on old masters paintings.

Paying attention to old styles, techniques and compositions as a means to learning so much more from them, that can and will add to your own artistic repertoire, is and should be essential to every artist at some point.

Personally I have learnt so much from previous artists by painting rather than from reading, and it's a good indicator of where you are as an artist yourself. 

Cat In The Hat.

A classic image that is mistakenly believed to be by Rene Magritte. Original artist unknown.

Private Commission. Greece.

I've painted the surreal aspect of the original and then painted a likeness of the owners cat to suit, I've included a portrait of the owner on the identity disc of the cat.

Speaking of Rene Magritte, this one is a take on Golconda by Magritte.

Private Commission. UK.

Again, I have painted the surreal aspect of the original yet changed the house to a likeness of the owners home.

A modern take on Claude Monet Lilies.

Private Commission. Spain.

Unfortunately the photo is overexposed, only one I have, but this one is 4ft x 4ft and was a pleasure to paint, a very loose brush style and with heaps of space to paint on made this on a fun project overall.

Painted in oils with a slight more punch in colour.

In the style of Claude Monet, Haystacks.

Sold. UK.

I wanted to see if I could get a similar effect of Monet's haystacks using acrylics, painted in layers of colour where the loose brushstrokes of impressionists leaves gaps for the underlying colour to come through, creating highlights.

In the style of Edgar Degas, Blue Dancers.

Private Commission. UK.

Blue Dancers original is in pastels but I have painted this one in oils, again I wanted to see if it was possible to paint oils to look like pastel strokes and to see what it felt and looked like.

In the style of Dorothea Tanning, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

Private Commission. UK.

I found this one challenging but fun to paint, a slow progress as in any surreal undertaking but a lot to learn from this style.

In the style of Pablo Picasso, The Dream.

Private Collection.

I painted this one in blocks of acrylic paint, quite a large piece for my bedroom, and changed the colour of her hair from the original blonde to lilac/light purple.

A simplified take on one of my favourite artists, Bernard Buffet, Coffee Pot still life.

Private Collection.

I really like Bernard's composition on his still life's and the style really livens up a relatively simple still life. Painted in acrylics and I wanted a blue coffee pot instead of a yellow one as in one of Bernard's original. 

In the style of Amadeus Modigliani, Landscape.

Private Collection.

Modigliani is mostly know for his portraits and nudes but he was also a sculptor and landscape artist.

My initial sketch felt confusing until I laid down the colour then it came alive and less confusing.

Margaret Beauchamp Portrait.

Original artist, William Larkin.

Currently in my collection. UK.

A portrait that I enjoyed whilst helping on a conservation project.

There are only a couple of portraits of this important lady, with connections to Swindon, with one of the portraits being part of a heraldic collective. A small medieval portrait that I thought was so well painted it inspired me to paint a reproduction for public viewing.

A portrait of Vlad Tepes, Romanian Vlad Draculea.

Currently in my own collection

Otherwise known as Vlad the Impaler. My take on the classic portrait of Vlad. I wanted to add a touch more perspective and colouring to this reproduction and to include Vlad's castle in the background. The castle represents the castle as it is today but back in Vlad's time there would have been less towers.

Elizabeth Bathory, including her castle Cachtice as it is today.

Private Collection.

Mostly known for allegedly being the first recorded female serial killer, which I never believed, the accusations were just too far fetched. Now thanks to a team of historians, they have found the past evidence of her alleged convictions to be very flaky indeed. I knew it! Bless her.

Queen Elizabeth 1st, including Richmond Palace, which has long since been demolished. A favourite place for Elizabeth.

Private Collection.

A large portrait painting that was painted and completed online live during the pandemic. Her facial likeness was taken from a reconstruction of her face and the whole painting is loosely based on a medieval painting that already exists today. One of the viewers online had mentioned that Elizabeth was on lockdown very close to me during the last plague of which I thought was a spooky coincidence and that she had visited Lydiard House too which is very close to where I live.

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