Lydiard House Series

Here are a series of paintings in the style of old masters, put together for fun, learning and to raise awareness of Lydiard House and the adjoining St Mary's church at Lydiard, Swindon.


My take on the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, Lydiard House and St Mary's church depicted in the background, top left. I thoroughly enjoyed painting this one as it was a first for me to take on the techniques used by Da Vinci.


An original painting by George Stubbs depicts a horse by the lake at Lydiard which contains Lydiard House in the background. That painting inspired me to look at other possible old master paintings with a view to including Lydiard House in their backgrounds, purely for fun and as an exercise for my personal learning of different art styles and techniques.

It would also serve as an awareness project for Lydiard House and St Mary's church, as funds were needed for an exciting conservation project inside the church, which has already begun.


My take on Sunday Afternoon by Georges Seurat

I must admit this one was very time consuming and I'm fairly confident I wouldn't want to take on another Seurat. Georges style is pointillism, an arrangement of coloured paint dots that once placed together take on the appearance of other colours than the ones placed, as in litho colour printing today. I did bypass the true technique on this painting though by using the colours I needed where needed. It took long enough! 


My take on cubism, in the style of Picasso, Braques and Gris.

I couldn't find the right original painting to depict the house and the church so I took on the challenge of focusing solely on the two buildings and attempting to produce a cubist painting of my own in the style of the above artists.

Taking in all views at different angles and piecing them together using a minimal palette of colours, then shading from dark to light within the shapes made this a very fun exercise indeed.


Poppy Fields at Lydiard, in the style of Claude Monet.

There aren't any poppy fields outside Lydiard House but I do have a love for impressionism and as the original painting has a centralised house then this painting seemed a good choice. 

As I said before, I do have a soft spot for impressionist paintings and to create a painting in that style is an enjoyable, loose and therapeutic way to spend a day or two. It can be so loose I sometimes find myself fussing and fretting when it comes to painting people, particularly if I have chosen a small canvas.


The Persistence of Memory, in the style of Salvador Dali.

Well, this one for me was a large learning curve of patience with a brush and acceptance of one of my least favourite colours, brown.

The house and the church are under the melting clocks and I changed the figure in the centre to represent a duck from one of Lydiards lakes.


Starry Night Over Lydiard, in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.

The loose, hurried and impasto brush strokes over a faint pencil sketch make Van Gogh style an exciting choice for me. Truly enjoyed painting this one but not my favourite choice for drying times, even with fast drying oils.

I took out the original village and replaced it with Lydiard House, St Mary's church and a few outbuildings. 


The Lydiard House series was an absolute pleasure to paint all in all and as a full time artist and art worker the wealth of learning, techniques and application of this project will be passed on to my students too.

Thank you for taking the time to view and I hope you enjoy this project as I did creating the paintings.