Lydiard Park circa 1700

Lydiard Park 1700

The Friends Of Lydiard Park approached me with an opportunity to bring to life, in a painting, an estate that once resided on the park grounds, from an architects plan, dating from 1700.

map of Lydiard circa 1700.jpg

This is the original architects plan. There wasn't much to go on and the plan was incomplete but held enough information to dictate what it would have looked like. It didn't hold any great detailing but had just enough there for flavour.


The first stage was to decide on a perspective, I went with a more frontal approach as I had to consider that there were extensive gardens to the right which would have made the main focus of the house very small had I decided to put all of the extensive walled garden into the design. (you can see above on the original plan the extent of the walled garden, birds eye view).

After being asked if this was something I could do I initially put forward a rough watercolour sketch to indicate the perspective and what was to be included, and after a modern architectural plan was forwarded to me also it was good to see we were all on the same page perspective wise.

Once the perspective was roughly sketched out it was time to tighten up the drawing and to add in other elements towards a finished sketch before painting.

The next stage was to do some historical research into buildings, gardens and grounds that fitted within the time period of 1700's. Together with invaluable visual input and information from a member of the Friends of Lydiard we were able to agree on the style, stone, brickwork and gardens for the design.

Finally the next stage was to paint.


I was able to work on the surrounding grounds and underpainting while the discussions and research were in progress. The background fields were put together as the medieval 3 field system, which would have provided food for occupants and animals.


The finished piece before varnishing. The foliage in the foreground represents all the trees within Lydiard Park, sycamore, chestnut, lime, beech and oak with two young yew trees in the courtyard garden. A few minor details were corrected at this stage, then onto varnishing and framing.


The final painting, varnished and framed. As it was thought that the front door of the residence was English baroque, renaissance. I framed the painting in a antique baroque frame which also complimented the foliage and gardens.  

A perspective and historical adventure and a pleasure to create.

Painted in oils on canvas, 3ft x 2ft image size.